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The Team

The core team of Bangalore Tile Company consists of Ms.Devi, Mr.Kiran, Mr.Aravind, and Mr.Ramesh and lead by Mr.Razal. The passionate team ensures our customers receive best quality terracotta products and service from us. The experience we gained from the industry since years, help us to provide our customers, consultancy to choose right products. We don't move products but add value to our customer's like.

The mission and vision.

BTC’s aim is to create and continuously present Terracotta products, both in traditional & contemporary designs and styles. These clay products from BTC will be versatile mediums for stunning architectural expressions and offer the perfect protection from vagaries of weather.

A one stop shop for Terracotta.

Bangalore Tile Company (BTC) is a leading supplier of Terracotta products. With a legacy of over a decade in the field of quality clay products, after winning many loyal customers in Chennai, Salem and Coimbatore, the promoters opened their Bangalore showroom to cater to its clients in the region as well as those in North India.  The modern showroom of BTC has on display the most versatile clay range. Carefully chosen Terracotta products in the market which add a unique ambiance to any space. Making this outlet a one stop shop for Terracotta products like Mangalore Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Weathering Tiles, Wall Tiles, Ceiling Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wire Cut Bricks, Hollow Blocks, JALLIS, Terracotta Add-ons and Terracotta Pots & Crafts.

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Few milestones in our journey…

1999 - Started a humble clay wholesale supply in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

2007 - Started Showroom at Salem, Tamil Nadu
2008 - Started Sales office at Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh
2009 - Started Showroom at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
2010 - Stared Bangalore Show Room, Bangalore, Karnataka
2010 - Stared selling imported clay products
2011 - Stared Showroom at Kochi, Kerala
2013 - Started Exporting
2014 - Introduced Our Flagship Product of Year Nuvocotto Floor Tiles
2015 - Introduced Our Flagship Product of Year Nuvocotto Wall Tiles
2016 - More Diversed Products adding to our List

Versatile range.

BTC has a diverse and versatile range of designs in clay, inspired Indian traditions and those across the world. These are adopted to suit Indian conditions and go through rigorous quality tests.

Tiles have designs like Indian traditions to Mangalore, Portuguese, Taylor, Japan-Dutch, Double Spanish, Double Pyramid, Master Bamboo, Flower Pattern, Ceiling Mat, new edge cut etc. in various shapes and sizes.

Partition Blocks come in varieties like Galaxy, Star, Butterfly, Round, T.V., and H Jallies etc. These Jallies, along with wire cut bricks make interesting landscapes, interior & exterior elevations, partitions, outdoor planters, half-walls and separator fences.