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For more details about the supply of other states in India, documentation and processes, please contact us

Products Can be Send Less than MOQ
Mangalore Roofing Tiles,
Ceiling Tiles,
Nuvovotto Wall Tiles,
Nuvocotto Floor Tiles, Etc...

Terracotta products are manufactured in certain parts of the country only, because of the availability of the raw materials, skilled labors and weather conditions. For those who are interested in this products in other parts of the world, we are offering them supply from our depots. There are certain bottlenecks in the supply of these clay products. Please read through the details before you place your order.

Other - State Supply

We are having depots at the following locations

We are catering wholesale and retail supply from the above locations.
All other location we are supplying from any of the above mentioned locations, depending on the products and other factors of transportation

Bangalore Tile Company - Pan India Supply
Flow of Goods if its less than MOQ

Less than MOQ

At certain cases, the order quantity will be lesser than a truck load, but those customers who are really interested in our product; we are offering a service to deliver it through parcel services. Please note the following points if your order is less than MOQ

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity (Economical)

The Clay Tiles are delivered in trucks by road; minimum order will be a truck load which will be 10 Tonnes or 16 Tonnes depending on the locations to be delivered. Below mentioned are few of our regular products which we supply to other locations and the minimum quantity depends on the load. 

Product Weight Per Tile / Box 10 Tonne Truck 16 Tonne Truck
Mangalore Tiles 2.5 Kg ~3500 Nos ~4500 Nos
Ceiling Tiles 2.5 Kg ~3500 Nos ~4500 Nos
Nuvocotto - Floor Tiles 2.25 Kg ~4400 Nos ~7700 Nos
Nuvocotto - Wall Tiles 350 gm ~3500 Nos ~4500 Nos