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These days, more and more customers are opting for steel fabricated roof structure ( in some cases wooden structure also ) for their roofs. We request the end customer or the fabricator to note the fabricate the roof by strictly following the instructions given below.

  1. The Minimum roof slope ( to the ground ) should 20 degrees. For e.g. as a thumb rule, if the slope length is 10ft, the slope height should be al least 3.5 ft. Kindly ensure the angle specification for every fabricated roof should be in like with the above specification.
  2. The minimum overlapping should be 3 Inches. The concrete tiles have got variable overlapping, hence the batten spacing will vary from 13 inches to 13.5 inches or 32 cm to 34.5 cm ( from top of one batten to the top of the next ). The maximum batten spacing shouldn't increase beyond 13.5 inches or 34.5 cm. If this is not followed, then leakages would result from the nail hole of the tile as it get exposed.
  3. The battens shouldn't have any level variations. Bends on the battens, if any should be removed before fixing it on the rafters. This avoid any gaps between the tiles thus avoiding the ingress of rain water inside the roof.

Please make sure the customer / Fabricator / contractor to follow the above give instruction for the concrete roofing tiles. Any issues arising out of not following the above would be the sole responsibility of fabricator or the customer.

As per the letter: BLR/01/11 Dt.08/08/2011 ( From a concrete tile manufacturer )