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Terracotta Flooring

Terracotta Flooring is been in house hold since a decades. Once upon a time this was premium flooring used in Naalukettu or Big Houses in India. Later when mosaic tiles and so many other flooring with glossy finish captured the floorings of Houses. However, as ages passed the trend changed and people who loved natural flooring started hunting for good old terracotta floor tiles.  Advantage of terracotta tiles other than being a natural product is the ethnic and nostalgic look it provides even to the contemporary architectural designs.

Terracotta tiles are available in different shapes other than square to match house designs. Smart designers also used granite or marble pieces to break monotony in terracotta flooring and also to make floor looks ornated. The beauty and elegance of terracotta flooring improves considerably, if maintained properly.

Some Facts:
Terracotta Floor Tiles cannot be laid in paper joint. There must be laid with a minimum of 3 mm space between tiles. This is because of two reasons, one is size variation up to 3 to 4 mm is common and the edges of terracotta flooring tiles is not sharp cut due to limitation in production.

The space in between the tiles is filled later with a paste of cement mixed with red or black oxides or different colours of joint fillers or epoxy of any contrast colours can give a stunning royal look for terracotta flooring. Cleaning excess joint filler while filling without letting it getting dried is very very important. It will be very difficult to clean once the excess joint fillers make stain on tiles. Mild acid wash can be done to clean terracotta tiles to clean though stains. Light, tile to tile colour variation can also be noticed even in the same production lot. This is caused because, in India we most of the time produce flooring tiles by burning with firewood and this variation in burning can cause the colour variation. While majority of consumers like this as it avoid synthetic look and feels more earthy, few dislikes also. Water Absorption or porosity of tiles makes is sometimes difficult to clean. As per ISI Standards machine manufactured terracotta flooring tiles can have a maximum of 12% water absorption.  To avoid this, glossy or matte finish sealants are available which makes the tile less water and dirt absorbent. This sealants may needed to re-do in every 4 to 5 years intervels. High Quality Nuvocotto, Terracotta floor tiles with 12mm thickness and very less, up to 2% water-absorption is available these days. This doesn’t require sealant or periodical maintenance like traditional tiles. Thus you are getting good from both world. Laying of terracotta flooring is as important as quality of tile, so make sure only experienced and well trained layers to be hired.
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