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Mangalore Roof Tiles

1.Over RCC Slop Roof
2.Over A Metal or Wooden Fabrication

Mangalore Clay Roof Tiles
Mangalore Roof Tiles

Mangalore Roof Tiles can be used over both RCC slop roof for

Mangalore Tiles are the oldest and the most popular tiles favourite since ages because of their nostalgic & evocative use in heritage buildings and the peculiar pattern. Many a magical structures can be created by using this versatile Mangalore roof tile with channels and angles by fabricating in steel. In earlier times the wood was used for this purpose. But as the time passed the cost of the wood became increased and the versatility and the availability of the steel fabrication increased. So steel became more popular than the wooden roof purling. Still the premium works are done in the wood.

The conventional size of Mangalore Tiles is 10 x 16 inches but are available in different sizes to suit different requirements. Now, Glazed Mangalore Tiles in different sizes are also available to suit the modern times.

Available Size ( Inches ) Req. Per Sft
16 x 10 1.3 Nos
11 x 7 2.2 Nos
9 x 6 3.2 Nos
8 x 5 4.5 Nos

Mangalore Roof Tiles - Double Groove

This is the locking system on the Mangalore Roof Tiles, the tile to tile linking is better on a Double Mangalore Roof Tiles is better than the Single groove Mangalore Roof Tiles. This is the tile which is used over the metal or wooden fabricated roof. Because of the better interlocking, the chances of leakage is lesser compared to the single groove roof tiles. The cost will be almost 40% more than the single groove roof tiles.

Mangalore Tiles - SG
Single Groove and Double Groove Mangalore Tiles

Mangalore Roof Tiles - Single Groove

Competitively the interlocking between tiles is less in Single Groove Mangalore tiles to Double groove Mangalore Tiles. This can be used as a decorative tiles over RCC slop roofs. Where there is an concrete roof to protect from small water dripping.

Installation of Mangalore Roof Tiles

Proper installation of roofing tiles is as crucial to the quality of the tiles itself. Watch this video for details about 12 - Steps to be taken care of for functional roofing.

Mangalore Roofing Tiles
Mangalore Roof Tiles - Over An RCC Slop Roof

The usage Mangalore tiles as decorative tiles over the RCC roofing is also a trend as it can add the ethnic looks to the modern homes.

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For the upper crest – We present more colours and profiles from different parts of the world. The most popular design in roof tiles other than Mangalore pattern is Roman profile roof tiles.
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