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Terracotta Jaalis & New Patterns Nuvocotto Floor Tiles - With In-Lays Four Petal Jaalis - Beautiful Premium wall Tiles - Interior or Exterior Walls Mangalore Roof Tiles - For Fabricated or RCC Slop Roof Ceiling Tiles - Under Fabricated Slop or Flat Roofs
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A one stop shop for all Terracotta / Clay products.

Bangalore Tile Company (BTC) - An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company is a leading supplier of Terracotta products. With a legacy of over a decade in the field of quality clay products. After winning many loyal customers in Chennai, Salem, and Coimbatore, the promoters opened their Bangalore showroom, to cater to its clients in the region as well as those in North India.  The showroom of BTC has on display the most versatile clay products range. Carefully chosen Terracotta products in the market, which adds a unique ambiance to any space. Making this outlet a one-stop shop for all Terracotta products. Like Terracotta Mangalore Tiles, Color Roof Tiles, Weathering Tiles, Wall Tiles, Wall Claddings, Ceiling Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wire Cut Bricks, Clay Hollow Blocks, Jallis, Terracotta Add-ons and Terracotta Pots & Crafts.

Taking the green route

Being a Member of IGBC - Indian Green Building Council we can reach and access to certain unique resources about going green, which we inculcate in our operating processes. As a member of IGBC, we are in a community of professionals who would charter the green building path for India.

360° Terracotta Solutions.

Guidance: BTC’s  team of associate Engineers and technical professionals offer site visits and assess Terracotta / clay products requirements, and how they will add elegance, ambiance, protection, comfort and eco-friendliness to various indoor and outdoor spaces. This can also be done at building plan level also.Let it be about a simple roofing issue or building structure we are there to sort you out the issues.BTC also offers the complete roofing solution such as thermal insulation & leek proofing etc. We also arrange the site visit and estimate the requirement.

The Premium Collection

We call the premium clay products as Nuvocotto. Nuvocotto is high quality, imported clay tile brand. This can be used in interiors, exteriors, balcony and open terraces. We have a collection of Nuvocotto Floor Tiles, Nuvocotto Wall Tiles, which is available in three shades of terracotta. And also we have an unmatchable collection of Terracotta Imported Roof Tiles.

Other States & Overseas Supply

We also extend supply of our products to other parts of Country and also we had exported to few prestigious projects overseas also, There are few facts to be noted while placing order... Read More...

Clay Floor Tiles


Nuvocotto is high quality imported clay tile brand. This floor tiles are having low water absorption, anti skid, full body floor tiles. This can be used in interiors, exteriors, balcony and open terraces.
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jalli Blocks


Jallies are blocks which are used to construct ventilated walls, partition walls, half walls etc. This is available in different shapes to match different architectural styles.
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Roofing Tiles


Roofing Tiles are mainly used for two purposes, To add aesthetic beauty over the concrete slop roofs ( In India ) and also on the fabricated roof ( wooden or metal frame ) We have it in various shapes and sizes.
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